Uberize Your Business

Build Uber-like capabilities into your transportation business.


MightyTaxi is a SaaS platform that enables transportation, deliver and logistic companies to Uber-ize their business practically overnight. We provide a complete, customizable, white labeled solution that displays your brand and logo to create new revenue streams and opportunities.


Expand Your Revenues Instantly

Build or leverage an existing fleet of cars to generate revenues by deploying whitelabel Uber like services into your business. You'll be making expand revenues day one.


Give Your Driver More Options

Black car fleet providers can mix in new type of drivers or provide more options to current drivers to help fill in downtime and improve utilization, resulting in reduced costs and improved driver satisfaction and retention.


Reach more clients

The ability to reach new customers requires a marketing strategy based on mobile platforms. MightyTaxi provides solutions for all mobile platforms including Apple and Android.